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Mazen El-Baba

Mazen El-Baba

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I am a Master’s student in the Neuroscience program at the University of Western Ontario. I completed my Bachelor of Science (honours) at the University of Guelph in the Brain and Cognition program. Here at Western, I am privileged to be working with Dr. J. Bruce Morton and Dr. Adrian Owen.

My research interests vary widely and I am motivated by all of them. Generally speaking, I am interested in understanding the underlying functional mechanisms that govern the human brain, in applying research findings to better our health, and in understanding how socio-cultural factors mediate our cognition, emotions and actions.

More specifically, I am interested in understanding brain dynamics by examining the dynamic functional connectivity of the brain in different states of consciousness. Different states of consciousness can be a result of anesthetics (e.g., propofol), can arise naturally (e.g., sleep), or can be the result of a brain lesion (e.g., vegetative states).

In addition, I am also keen to understand how socio-cultural factors and language status (i.e., bilingualism versus monolingualism) influence self-regulation.

Lastly, I am strongly interested in global health and health equity around the world. Destigmatizing addiction and mental health in the Middle East and Africa has become my passion. This pushed me to establish an international non-profit organization that funds/supports research abroad, and applies grass-root projects to eliminate the stigma that is associated with addiction and mental health illness (