Niki Hosseini-Kamkar

Nicki Kamkar Photo

I am a PhD student working on a gene-environment neuroimaging project to assess what factors contribute to individual differences in self-regulation. Self-regulation allows people to select actions that lead to favourable outcomes and avoid actions that lead to unfavourable outcomes. Considering the importance of self-regulation in predicting later outcomes, it is imperative to obtain an understanding of the factors that may influence self-regulation. We believe that individual differences in self-regulation are derived from variability in the functional calibration of the mesocorticolimbic dopamine pathway (MCLP). One of the goals of my present project is to begin to understand how genes and the early developmental environment interact to influence individual differences in the function of the MCLP. I am particularly excited about this project because its multidisciplinary approach (genetic data, neuroimaging data, behavioural data, and cortisol measurements) will allow me to interrogate individual differences in self-regulation at multiple levels of analysis.